Guaranteed Payments
  • Withdrawal of funds at the time of appeal
  • Fixed profit margins - reliable profitability
  • Investments are directed to further trading, which leads to an increase in the profit of each investor
  • Security and privacy - we care about the secrecy of operations on the platform
  • Our software has the simplest and most user-friendly interface, and the functionality is developed using the latest methods.
  • Withdrawal of funds and account replenishment will not make you think
  • You can not only freely purchase tokens, but also share them with other participants in our system
Accessible to all
  • Quick and easy start - you can start with a sum of $ 10
  • No need to personally monitor the cryptocurrency market
  • Convenient and intuitive personal account

Investment bundles

Start investment package. Profit on this package is 2% per month. Package price- 10 $
Initial investment package. The profit on this package is 3% per month. Package price - 100 $
Basic investment package. The profit of this package is 5% per month. Package price - 1000 $
Extended investment package for investors who want more. The profit on this investment package is already 10% per month. Package price - 3000 $
Premium investment package. Want to get the most out of your investment - then the Platinum package is your choice. The profit of this package is 15% per month. Package price - 10000 $
We highly appreciate the trust placed in us by investors and offer special conditions in case of investing from 300,000 CRB. Profit on this package is 20% per month. Package price - 30000 $
How to start a collaboration?

Want to invest now? You are only a few simple steps away from success. Do not delay for tomorrow, make them with us:

  1. Create a cryptocurrency wallet;
  2. Register in your account;
  3. Fund your account and start investing.

Your key to success is just one click below!
Remember! Cryptocurrency is gaining more and more development potential every day. Want to invest ADVANCED? Buy tokens while their cost is minimal to get the maximum at the peak of the cryptocurrency price increase!

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What are you getting?

CRB acts on the principle: never stand still. This means that the growth of the crypto fund will directly affect each investor.

You receive income that is not dependent on the growth or fall of the value of cryptocurrency. Your income depends only on the amount invested by you and the investment product purchased.

Regardless of the investment product you have chosen, payments are accrued every second.

Do you want to be independent of the dollar or euro? Choose a path that provides stability. We earn on trading your currency, and you on our profit. More income – more trust in the system!


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CRB today - what are we better?

A crypto fund is much simpler than investing in exchanges, since you do not have to deal with the choice of a trader, take risks and trust your money for risky operations.

Everything is different here: there is a contribution and there is a minimum guaranteed income. The output is from 24% per annum, and in the long run – unlimited growth. It’s better with us because:
  • We offer a high percentage of profitability;

  • Profit is withdrawn at any time;

  • We work only with well-predicted currencies;

  • Independent of external factors and domestic economic situation;

  • Quickly answer user’s questions

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About Token

In order to increase profits, CRB Fund issued its own token, which will continue to grow in value:

  • Investments of all project participants will increase the value of the token over time
  • We plan to list the token on the largest crypto exchanges!

This will significantly increase the current value of the token and your potential profit. The predicted value of the token in the next 2 years is $ 1.5-2 (15-20 times more than the original), wait for the listing and sell them on world cryptocurrency exchanges receiving both dividend profit and and profit from the growth of the value of the token.

Jio Taon
Franklin Bi
Director of Platform
Zhang Zilin
Chief Finace Director
Zhou Sheng
Creative Director

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